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Ground Dwellers The Woodlands
Ground Dwellers The Woodlands
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Ground Dwellers The Woodlands

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Most of my adult life has been spent in Business. Since I graduated from Law School in 2008, I have started, grown and exited multiple successful businesses. Stress, depression and unhappiness were my constant companions until I discovered Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in August of 2012 (at the insistence of my brother). My life changed that day. I can say with confidence that there is nothing better for both the mind and body than BJJ. 
On August 15th, 2022, I received my Black Belt from Professor Eddie Avelar. It is one of the greatest achievements of my life and is the culmination of thousands of hours on the mats.  Those hours taught me many things, but chief among them was the importance of struggle and failure. You cannot achieve black belt with your ego intact. All of your preconceived notions about your physical and mental ability will be reshaped through the incontrovertible reality of mortal combat. 
I have a passion for teaching and helping others. My goal is to create a place of self discovery and personal growth at Ground Dwellers The Woodlands. BJJ has been a gift in my life, and I would like to pass that gift on to all who walk through our doors. 

The beauty of this art is that there is no destination. There is only the journey and it blessedly never ends.

Matt McFarlane

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